Guestbook for Barbini Visuals
Very, VERY nice work. Wonderful images inspire emotions and your images do exactly that! I am so not surprised to see this creative side of you. Wishing you all the very best...........
Wow, Tim! These images are incredible!! Fantastic body of work.
Wonderful work.. your photos are fresh and unique. My only critique would be your model choice.. for example, the video 'Careless Love'... Fantastic idea, but a boring, blah model.
5.Marcie Spreen(non-registered)
Tim, Absolutely amazing images! You are really, really, really good (I would know, I come from a family of professional photographers, lol)! Love looking at your pics and especially of my baby man, D-rock!:)
4.Ed Barbini(non-registered)
TIm,you have a great talent and you are just scratching the surface.
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